Expert service at a sensible price!

I have been wholly devoted to the practice of commercial real estate law since 2000.  In the last three years alone I have closed over $1,000,000,000 of commercial real estate transactions throughout the Southeast, ranging from simple acquisitions to complex portfolios, new developments, joint ventures, ground leases, preferred equity arrangements, synthetic leases and defeasances. I can meet your commercial real estate needs at rates with which the big firms cannot compete.

My fees are affordable because my overhead is low and I do the work myself. I do not spend money on flashy office space and numerous support staff. Big firms may reduce their rates temporarily but they will return to normal eventually or they will be unable to survive. I have not cut my prices as a knee-jerk reaction to a down market – this is the way I operate my business, and the way I will continue to operate, even as the market resumes an upward trend.

And don’t forget about the importance of prompt service. You will not have to wait days for a return call. I make myself available to my clients and I leave some margin in my schedule so that I can respond quickly to urgent matters.  My clients receive my services and are not handed off to low level associates lacking big picture perspective and experience and trying to hit billing quotas.

Please contact me to learn more and how I can be of service to you.




Donald L. Thomas III, Partner
Thomas Law, LLC
1418 Dresden Drive, Suite 235
Atlanta, Georgia 30319
Office# 404-816-0601

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